HKliving 21/22 collection

Over the last year we have found comfort within our homes in ways we never thought possible. Who would have ever thought that these spaces would have slowly become the centre of our lives and most of our social interactions? Spending all this time at home, we have been forced to re-evaluate the functionality of our objects and their ordinariness. We had to rethink how we add meaning to what we choose to put into our home. With that in mind, we are delighted to share how our brand new 21/22 collection was born out of the idea that coming back home can still be made exciting. To do so, we added new stylish shapes, wall art, colours and prints to current collections, and created totally new ones to bring a new sense of discovery and freshness to your home.

So let’s not wait any longer, take a walk inside and rediscover your home through the lenses of our brand new HK additions.