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About Janaika

Janaika Elders - founder Urban Nest

Janaika Elders our founder is a multi-cultural modern-world product; born from a Peruvian mother and Dutch father, met her Lebanese husband while living in Paris and has settled down in Dubai for quite some years now.

As a Dutchy living abroad and especially while living in Dubai, Janaika felt something was missing. ‘Although I have social DNA from all over the planet, there is always some of that Dutch ‘down-to-earthiness’ left in me. I especially felt that when I was shopping for my new home here in Dubai: I was looking for simple, well-made quality products. No-nonsense, sustainable and preferably hand-made or at least authentic instead of mass-production.

Of course that was there to be found, but there are just a lucky few with a money-tree in that size in Dubai. Back in the Netherlands I never had a problem finding affordable products that are still close to my ethics and esthetic preferences.

I started bringing accessories and furniture when I was traveling back and forth between the Netherlands and the UAE, and this is how the seed for the idea for Urban Nest was planted.’

Now, Janaika strives to stay close to herself with Urban Nest and the collection she curates. She likes to share her multi-cultural story with her customers; the brands and designers are all Dutch or Latin American. 


Janaika Elders

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