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A caffeinated tour that unveils the richness of coffee culture, the history of beans, stories, and recipes from around the world.

Coffee is the world’s cup. Over 2.25 billion are brewed, sipped, and savored daily. A loyal companion and energetic facilitator of every day, coffee has sprouted an entire cafe culture and a booming industry. While the caffeine fix is hard to ignore, this beloved hot drink holds a rich and diverse history that sinks deeper than the bottom of the cup.

 Spill the Beans takes the reader on a journey through Ethiopia, Guatemala, Vietnam, and many other countries in between, exploring the myriad ways in which coffee is produced, traded, and enjoyed. Hipster baristas may be dreaming up the next seasonal latte at this very moment, but the story of how the humble bean became a global icon is ingrained in history. An essential title for armchair travelers, curious foodies, and cafe-hoppers alike, this java journey demonstrates that there’s a vast world of coffee beyond the ubiquitous flat white. This book is an ‘extra hot’ commodity, maybe it is time to sample it?

Authors: Lani Kingston
Release date: February 2022
Format: 21 × 26 cm
Features: Full color, hardcover, stitched binding, 264 pages

Lani Kingston is a food writer, researcher, and consultant, with a focus on coffee, chocolate, and sustainable food. She holds Master’s degrees in both Food Studies and Education, a degree in Film and Television, and barista and pastry chef qualifications.


Lani has spent years both living in and traveling to many different countries around the world, delving deeply into local coffee cultures and traditions through her work. This, her third book on coffee, summarizes years of research and aims to honor and pay respect to these remarkable coffee cultures.

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