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Brut sofa element left divan royal velvet - cream



Featuring a brute silhouette, bouncy stature and plushy seat cushions, this piece packs a powerful presence in any room. The soft curves give it a laid-back vibe, while the low arms and back provide an open, airy atmosphere for maximum unwinding and comfort. The two parts complement each other in style and performance, mingling with the colorful material choices to create a soothing combo for your space.

Note: This item is available for pre-order with 4 months lead time 

Material: 100% Polyester
Dimensions: 154x147x71cm
Seating width (cm): 117
Seating depth (cm): 108
Seating height (cm): 43
Armrests height (cm): 57
Backrest height (cm): 69
Maximum carrying weight (kg): 200

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