Belvedere chair | Display piece

New Citizen Design


 Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte for New Citizen Design

Belvedere is a ladder made to reach uncharted heights and gain a different perspective. Belvedere is an invitation to take a step up. From atop our perch, the world below acquires new clarity. We come down with a renewed vision of our own personal space.

solid oak
DIMENSIONS 45x200x75 cm

Note: This showroom and rental model is available in our showroom as a Display piece and have minor scratches. Contact us for more information or images. Once purchased it can not be exchanged or refunded.


About the brand: Meet New Citizen Design. The company has been established in the autumn of 2016 and the people behind New Citizen Design are Jan Willem de Laive and Antonia Wormer. They define the new citizen as a metropolitan person, internationally oriented, more often educated but not of a specific social class or generation. The new citizen is self-confident and has great trust in the future and you can see this in their New Citizen Design products.

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