Picchu Wool Area Rug

Threads of Peru

Handmade Wool Floor Rug – Fair Trade from Peru
Size: Approx. 145 cm x 70 cm

Made of 100% naturally dyed sheep’s wool, this extremely chic boho area rug features tapered stripes in alternating deep red and light rose colors. Our Picchu wool rug is handmade on a backstrap loom in the Andes, using ancient weaving techniques. The loom technique that was used to make the woven rug means that the weave is tight and durable, and this wool rug will withstand solid traffic while also being a woven piece of home décor to catch the eye. 

Picchu means "peak" in Quechua (think: Machu Picchu), and is so named because of the dynamic tapered stripe design that resemble mountain peaks.


This amazing handcrafted piece of artisanship was made by the Awaq Mayki (meaning handwoven in Quechua) weaving cooperative. Boasting over 20 talented and motivated members, Awaq Mayki partnered with Threads of Peru beginning in 2012 as an almost self-organized entity with over a decade registered as a formal association. The majority reside in the community of Upis, situated quite literally at the foot of the great Ausangate mountain, the highest in Southern Peru, and an important Apu (mountain god) in Quechua culture.

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