Circle swing

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Designer Iwona Kosicka by New Citizen Design

Rocking has physical, mental and emotional health benefits. It releases endorphins and calms the mind, improving balance. The high quality and minimalist design of the Swing Chair makes it a desirable piece for a living or office space, lobby, restaurant or cafe. A unique addition to any interior, the circle swing hangs from the ceiling encouraging fun and exercise. Comfortable and functional.  It is perfect for clearing the mind, reading a book, informal conversation or a coffee break. Circle swing can make you feel relaxed any time of day. 

Material & variations: Circle Swing comes in indoor and outdoor variations.

Indoor: Constructed from molded / oak plywood finished with linseed oil in three varnishes, RAL or gold brass finishing. Stainless steel mount with carabiner hole. Also – and very exclusively – available in 
24 carat gold coating.

Outdoor: waterproof plywood oak with transparent varnish special for outdoor four colours in oak finishing (natural oak, light oak, white and black).

Dimensions :  110 cm Depth: Rim – 12.5 cm Seat – 33.5 cm
Maximum safe load: 140 kg/300 lbs (Do not exceed)
Ceiling system for installation is not included.


Note: this item is available as a pre order with 4 -6 weeks leadtime. Contact us at for more details about the color-options for varnish and RAL. 

Versions & prices:
Oak: 8195 AED
Outdoor: 9695 AED

Swing installation:
You need a screw that is adapted to the type of ceiling in which swings are going to be installed (wood, brick, or concrete).

Eye Bolt With Lag Screw Plated must be for minimum 400kg or more.

Locate a ceiling beam or a stud for secure installation of the eye screw. Do not install in to drywall!

You may use a stud finder to locate safe placement in the ceiling. Drill hole in the ceiling, insert the anchor bolt steel in hole drilled. Tighten it firmly! Then connect the parts as described in the manual attached with the Swing. Systemically check the tightening of the screws and if all parts have been proper installed before using it. The manufacturer disclaims any liability due to improper installation and misuse of the material and product provided.

Always ask support from a professional contractor for the installation.

About the brand: Meet New Citizen Design. The company has been established in the autumn of 2016 and the people behind New Citizen Design are Jan Willem de Laive and Antonia Wormer. They define the new citizen as a metropolitan person, internationally oriented, more often educated but not of a specific social class or generation. The new citizen is self-confident and has great trust in the future and you can see this in their New Citizen Design products.

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