Tupu Backpack

Threads of Peru

Handwoven Peruvian Wool Backpack, 100% Natural Fibers and Materials

Size: 43 cm x 39 cm
Fiber: 100% wool; naturally sourced leather bottom and front pocket; braided cord straps; interior fabric lining with pocket.

Get the backpack that says 'I made a difference'! 

Handwoven, 100% Peruvian wool textile is paired with natural leather to create a super cool and trendy backpack.

This fair trade wool backpack was handcrafted on the traditional backstrap loom by indigenous artisans from the Andean highlands of Peru. The name Tupu is the Quechua word for the traditional metal clasp used to fasten a woman's lliqlla or manta around her shoulders.


This Peruvian Tupu Wool Backpack was made by the weavers of Munay Urpi in Huaran, and sewn up by the incredible young mothers at Proyecto Mantay, a local NGO that helps pregnant teenage women raise healthy children and learn useful skills.

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