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The NOEUD soap is designed to be sculptural and ergonomic and made from the best possible natural ingredients. This way a new typology appears combining: form, function and fun. 
The NOEUD soaps are all handmade in the studio/atelier of Dutch designer Lex Pott in Rotterdam with natural ingredients. The scent is natural and sober. The soap has been made from plant based ingredients and the packaging is 100% paper and recyclable.
The green soap scent is natural Olive and the warm white soap has a subtle Sandalwood scent.
The idea from the soap came from extrusion. We developed this technique to make sculptural and ergonomic soap. Most soap is still a block or a bar. Since I strongly believe that soap can also be sculptural and more ergonomic we made the soap as a knot 
( or NOEUD in French).  In Typography the French word NOEUD has a ligature. This is a combination or knot of two letters " Œ" which you can see this in the logo on the boxes.

  • approx. dimensions: 10 (l) x 4 (h) x 6 (w) cm
  • product weight (gr): 120 grams


Note: The NOEUD soaps have an expiry date of 12 months after opening.

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