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Silver Package

Interior design Silver Package


Option 2: Personalized Services

Do you want to do a big space like your living room? You need furniture, wall décor and accessories but feel a little lost with all those choices?

We are here to help!

In a 1:1 session in our showroom (60-mins), our in-house interior designers will understand your requirements and style, define your budget and get a feeling for your space by pictures and/or a floorplan.

Based on this session, we will provide you with two tailormade mood boards (incl. one revision) plus a floorplan and shopping list.

Let us free you from the headache of choosing the right items for your style and just enjoy decorating at home!

What to expect

  • Identify your style and design needs
  • Brainstorm items, (paint) colors and materials.
  • Enjoy a coffee while asking any other questions you may have.
  • Receive two tailormade mood boards incl. one free revision, a floorplan and a detailed shopping list.
  • Furniture layout plan to scale of chosen mood board.
  • Free delivery and assembly of final purchased items.

This does not include

  • Any physical visits of the location.
  • Any renovations or contractor work.
  • Carpentry, curtains or re-upholstery work
  • The arranging and of handyman services for hanging. However, this can be planned at the same time of the installation


  • AED 950 per space (refunded as store credit after a minimum of AED 6,500 purchase form the shopping list, valid for 3 months)
  • Payment to be done prior or during the session.

Showroom Open to Public

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