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Clean house, clean mind: ready to go back to work!

Clean house, clean mind: ready to go back to work! - Urban Nest

Janaika Elders |

The time has come, after a hot summer the weather is now pleasant enough to go home again. Nothing beats your own bed, your own shower and your own things, right? After returning from your vacation, it is now time to get back to work.

Even though it is not the real start of the year, it is the start of a new school/work year. This gives you the chance to tackle everything you might not have done before and become the best version of yourself. Think of it as a new beginning. Starting with a refreshed home. Owner of Urban Nest, Janaika, will give you the best tidying tips. Because if you want to change something about your home, the golden tip Janaika can give you right away; clean up your home first!
‘A clean home means a clean mind’. In addition, Urban Nest will help you with a new fresh design of your home. For this you do not need to renovate your entire house, a few eye catchers can already ensure a tidy fresh look.


Tidying tips of Janaika

1. Take out a big garbage bag, because bet you have a lot to throw away? Often you have a lot of old papers, from the past year that you really have no use for in the coming year. So just throw it away! Not sure if something should go? Buy a folder where you can store your most important papers. This way you won't lose anything anymore and you'll find your peace of mind in no time. This helps me a lot.

2. Kitchen; Make sure you get some storage jars in the house. In my opinion these jars look much nicer than the hysterical packaging of, for example cereals. My kids get the cereal they want, but I put them in a nice jar. Win – win situation, right?

Ceramic 70's storage jar: reef
Cookie jar

3. Unity is also important to create a peaceful orderly environment. Do you go for the storage jars? Combine it with 70s ceramic mugs from HKliving.

4. Do you have a lot of stuff but just no place to store them? Look no further, this solution helps me as a busy mom a lot: the webbing sliding door cabinet or a tv cabinet. Both types of furniture exude a stylish feeling and are also heartily effective. So you can put everything behind the doors and your guests only see a very nice cabinet. 


5. Make sure you have fixed storage places in your home. I always lost my keys, but no more since I made a permanent place for this. Buy the green/white pink green marble tray  or ‘the Willow wooden box’ as a shelf for your essentials. Place them on a cabinet (for instance; the White marble block table close to the front door so you can start your day in no time, and that without stress.

6. Everyone always says throw away, throw away, throw away. But what if you could recycle the things you no longer use? Never throw away your glass bottles, you can make very nice vases of them with the paper vase cover. Or use them for DIY decor for your next Dinner party (check out this article of our DIY workshop for more Eco-friendly table styling tips).

Sustainable, cheap and kind to the world.


Paper vase cover Black 
Paper vase cover Marble green 

7. And our last 'tidbit' is actually more of a smuggling tip: our Vider room divider. Are there visitors coming or do you sometimes like to hide the toys of your kids? Or need an elegant way to separate your home work office from your living room? Then put a beautiful room divider down!


Small adjustments, but very effective

After you are done tidying up you might want to re-style your home for new season? These are some effective and budget friendly adjustments that can be made easily.

1. Did you do a lot of work from your bed last year? Super nice of course, but not as effective as at a desk. This super cool desk does not take up much space and can, if not used as a desk, also be used as a sideboard or dressing table.
2 in 1!


Pillar side table black
Metal wire dining chair

2. Do you want to make a bigger change to your home but don't have a big budget? Then our wall papers are perfect. After (easily) applying them, your house will have a totally different look. I used a wallpaper mural by Creative Lab Amsterdam for my dining room. It gave the room a classy and chic look and feel, with a funky touch.

3. Are you also so attached to the chairs you have but sometimes you get a little bored with them? I have a great tip for these wonderful chairs to keep and add extra comfort to it. Namely, our comfort kit arm chair. The kits come in different colors, gray cotton, green velvet, red velvet (terra), sand, gray dark. With this little change you have a big impact!

4. I am a big fan of throws because they can give a sofa, bed or chair that special touch in no time. Choose a color that comes back in other furniture, to make a nice overall look of the room.  



White fringe throw
Cotton fringe throw

5. Do you think your home could use something a little funkier? These super cute cushions provide that desired effect:

Fringed velvet tiger cushion – red
DORIS for HKliving: printed silk cushion jungle
Striped velvet cushion ochre/gold 

New collection!

With a new (school) year comes a new collection and I am super happy and proud to share this with you, it is namely our first own new collection! In collaboration with Sumaq Qara and designed by me, Janaika, we are launching our first collection. The collection will be all about Peru and is completely Fairtrade! Items you can expect in the collection are: cushions, alpacas and much more. Below, we have listed our favourites, which you can shop here.



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