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Travel the world: Nomad Edition

Travel the world: Nomad Edition - Urban Nest

Ingeborg Bruinewoud |

Threads of Peru

Like you, we love to travel. But unfortunately not everyone can travel this year. Therefore, in this blog, we take you on a journey to the countries of origin of our products. Curious which wonderful treasures we have discovered in recent years? Then read on...

Taiwanese craftsmanship
This traditional Taiwanese lantern from the Doris HKliving collection, is a true piece of art and a real eye-catcher. They are created in the last traditional crafts workshop in the mountains of Taiwan. One worker creates the framework using local Makino bamboo, another applies the fabric, giving the frame extra strength, and finally a third craftsman folds the fabric around the frame, bringing the piece together. An experienced artist eventually paints each piece individually by hand. A special piece of craftsmanship that makes this traditional Taiwanese lantern a beautiful and authentic addition to your home.

Doris Traditional Lantern Vintage


South African touch
A few items in the Urban Nest collection are from the brand Catchii. Catchii stands for Femke Zwaan's travels to distant destinations where she translates her discoveries into beautiful collections with illustrations of exotic birds, flora and insects. With her favorite destination: South-Africa.

Now in our collection are three off their wall prints! These wall prints live up your room immediately with an explosion of nature. Mix and match to find your perfect and cheerful combination.


Wall-print Peacock head
Wall-print peacock feather
Wall-print parrot


Japanese tea ceremony
The tradition of the Japanese tea ceremony inspired HKliving to create a series of pottery. This Japanese collection is made of hotel porcelain - a stronger type of ceramic - glazed at a high temperature, for better quality and long life. All items in the Kyoto ceramics family are hand-finished, giving them a distinctive unique look. Items not to be missed in the Urban Nest Collection.

Kyoto ceramics: Japanese ceramic salad bowl
Kyoto ceramics: Japanese shallow bowls
Frosted metal cutlery
Bold & basic ceramics: tea pot silver


The best of both worlds
Empty bottles can literally be found all over the world; from well-off and developed areas to impoverished slums. And they can hold their water, which makes them an ideal vase. All it takes to look good is a nice cover. Our paper vase covers are designed by Dutch designer Pepe Heykoop and hand-folded by the women of Tiny Miracles, in India. Their unique triangular paper design allows for easy assembly in less than a minute. And available in different sizes.


Paper vase cover Delft blue icons
Paper vase cover milkmaid
Paper vase cover canal house
Paper vase cover Tulips


Celebrating Peruvian National Day
As it is almost Peruvian National Day (28 July 2021) and our founder Janaika's roots are 50% in Peru, we thought it would be interesting to share more of our Peruvian items. Therefore, we will be holding a Peru pop-up store, on the Mezzanine of our studio, from 25 to 31 July.

Location: @Vertical Design DXB, Warehouse N.4, Al Quoz ind. 4
Al Asayel Street, Community No 369 Street 318, Dubai

In the pop-up store and on our website you will find, among other things, the unique products of Sumaq Qara. Sumaq Qara is a Peruvian company located in the Ayacucho region, dedicated to the production and commercialization of fabrics, embroidery with leather applications of the highest quality and innovative designs.

One of the reasons we started selling their products is that Sumaq Qara is committed to creating jobs in marginal urban areas and communities of extreme poverty. They work with women who are victims of terrorism or domestic or sexual violence, helping them to improve the personal skills and quality of life of the women and their families by finding markets for their hand-embroidered bags, belts and other decorative accessories.

How cute are these miniature Peruvian Alpacas? Made from 100% real Baby Alpaca fur. Available in white and light brown. This item will be restocked by September and is now ready to be pre-ordered. Don’t wait and secure yours here.

Complete your Perivuan look by adding the handmade Chulucanas of HKliving to your shopping cart. The Chulucanas are famous for their pottery and have a rich history. Can you choose between the stacked Chulucanas or circle based Chulucanas? We love both!

Miniature Alpaca figures
Chulucanas object: stacked
Chulucanas object: circle on base

Launch Urban Nest Collection
The launch of our first own Urban Nest collection is a fact! In collaboration with Sumaq Qara and designed by Janaika, we are launching our first collection in September. The collection will be all about Peru and is completely Fairtrade! Items you can expect in the collection are: cushions, alpacas and much more. Here is a sneak peek of the collection, but keep an eye on our socials to make sure you don't miss anything!

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