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Cosentino and Urban Nest join creative forces

Cosentino and Urban Nest join creative forces - Urban Nest

Ingeborg Bruinewoud |

3 May, Dubai - Architectural surfaces leader Cosentino and Urban Nest - Dubai’s favourite concept store for leading and accessible Dutch and Latin American interior brands, unite to launch a series of bespoke workshops and design talks at Cosentino City Dubai, d3.

The partnership was officially launched on 28th April with “Eco-Style it like a Pro”, an intimate 90-min workshop on eco-friendly table setting co-hosted by Urban Nest’s Founder Janaika Elders and Interior stylist Corine van Duijn. The hands-on event engaged participants in a conversation on conscious living and inspired them with tips on creating beautifully styled table settings using a combination of upscaled, recycled and natural materials. The event ended with a fun competition for “Best Table Setting”, with a generous gift hamper from Urban Nest. Because of the launch, we are sharing some exclusive tips from the previous workshop with you. So that you have a good idea what to expect from us in the future.

Eco-Style it like a Pro

10 Tips on how to create an eco-friendly table setting by Urban Nest’s Janaika Elders and Corine van Duijn

  1. Let the cuisine colour the Theme 

Whatever the setting: Basic, Casual, Formal or Special Occasion, draw inspiration from the cuisine to identify the main elements, colour palette and accessories you will use to style your table. 

  1. Go basic for the Base 

Choose natural sustainable fabrics like linen for your base table cloth and upcycle old curtains and bedsheets for napkins. And don’t worry about the wrinkles in linen, it only makes it more authentic.

  1. Mix and Match Ceramics 

Choose from natural handmade ceramics you already have in your possession. Mix and match your sets to create an eclectic setting. A large basic dining plate that can also double up as a base plate. Natural handmade ceramics last a lifetime so invest in them if you don’t already have.  

  1. Lighten it up!

Use simple DIY tricks to transform basic white candles into beautiful showpieces to enhance the ambience. But remember not to overdo your lighting set up. Create a cosy environment with enough light to be able to see the food and your guests. 

  1. Eco Décor

Use fruits, herbs, cinnamon. Branches, (dried) flowers from your garden. Repurpose your glass pots and bottles to create vases or candle holders.

  1. Play with height

A simple way to create an impressive table is to play with layers using pieces you already have. You could turn a bowl upside down and place a plate on top! Voila, it’s as simple as that!

  1. Engage the Senses 

Dry fruit and flowers to make your own potpourri.

  1. Think outside the box 

Find creative ways of assembling and repurposing your kitchen ware and even old clothes:  plates on top of bowls, turn fruit bowls into candle holders, carafes into vases, storage jars into cutlery holders, denims into napkins!  

  1. Make it personal 

Create an individual set up for your guests by customizing the napkin folding and cutlery position. 

  1. Put a name on it

Make your guests feel special by creating takeaway elements with their names handwritten on it: the menu or even place holders made of natural materials like stone, leaves and fruit. 

What to expect next?

We’re planning on hosting several more workshops in collaboration with Cosentino. These workshops will include different themes and perspectives. They are held in 90-minutes with us and a small group of enthusiastic participants. But not unimportantly, in addition to the tips and tricks, you also get many extras. For those of you who have become super excited, we already have the next edition planned. 

In the following months, we also plan to hold some other workshops. What they will be about and on what date we will host the workshops, are still a secret, but we can tell you that the next one will take place on June 15 or 16. Keep an eye on our Instagram en website so you don’t miss it and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive early access and info. Hope to see you at the next workshop!

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