Create your own Urban Nest home

May 10, 2021

Create your own Urban Nest home

We love getting to know you, our customers, personally. But for this month, we thought it would be fun to turn the tables and give you a behind-the-scenes look at Urban Nest! So in this blog we will elaborate on our history, the brands and of course some inspiration on how to shop the cutest interiors entirely in Urban Nest style! 

A few things you should know about us are:

  1. WHERE WE STAND FOR: That our products are curated exclusively from well reputed Dutch and Latin American design labels and designers. For us affordability, sustainability and unique products that tell a story are the most important filters for selection. In fact, we are the exclusive distributor in the Middle East region for Dutch design brands like Puik, HK Living and Tiny Miracles. 
  2. OUR TEAM: We consist of a lovely team of four women: Janaika (founder), Sofia, Corine and Elke. Who each possess several of these skills and expertise: distribution/representation, interior design, interior styling, logistics, retail and wholesale, marketing, project management, trend- and market research and strategy, to make Urban Nest a success!  
  3. STUDIO: We don’t only have a website, we have our own Urban Nest Studio as well. Visit us there to meet, discuss opportunities or to see and feel our products in real life. Our Studio is located in Al Quoz Dubai, in a joint venue with Vertical Design and The Bowery Company. 
  4. B2B: We provide distribution and wholesale for Dutch and Latin American design labels and designers in the Middle East. And we're always happy to collaborate with designers or firms in commercial projects. For more information on this subject, please visit our website or send an email to:
  5. HOME STYLIST: You can book one of our design stylists Elke & Corine to style your home, a restaurant, events and much more... Find out here.

Now that you got to know our brand, we would like you to get to know two of our team members a little bit better by taking a look at their favorite Urban Nest styles and products. Make sure you get ready to save & shop your items before they're gone!


‘When I just lived in Dubai I noticed that I was missing something, especially when shopping for my new home. That's where the idea to establish Urban Nest came to mind. At that time I was looking for simple, well-made quality products. No-nonsense, sustainable and preferably hand-made or at least authentic instead of mass-production. But then affordable for everyone. So that’s what I aim for with Urban Nest: making and finding affordable products that are still close to my ethics and esthetic preferences.’

One of my favorite additions to the collection are the items from New Citizen Design because of their different, high quality and minimalist designs. In the picture below you can see one of the items called the belvedere chair, made to see your home from a different perspective. 

Besides that items need to be unique, durable and affordable, as a mom I know that comfort is just as important. The metal wire armchair and the coral red studio sofa are perfect for this purpose. Modern, different, and not to forget, extremely comfortable!

Fun fact: Did you know that the first product we launched as Urban Nest was the paper vase cover? Our paper vase covers are a mix of design, fair trade & sustainability and are therefore still one of my favorites.


Belvedere Chair
Metal wire armchair
Metal triangle floor lamp nude
Pillar side table round black
Studio sofa coral red
Geometric cushion bordeaux
Velvet cushion gold
Art Frame by artist Benjamin Ewing



‘First, I love to bring some fun and movement in my interiors. Think of unique products like the pleasant green Twister fauteuil and the terra Stoneware side Table as seen in the photo.’

And don’t forget about your essentials! To create a contemporary and modern home you should look at items made of cane webbing like our handmade retro webbing sliding door cabinet. Or welcome your regular black side table as a new addition to your home. To spice things up a bit: choose a different material such as metal for instance!

And last but not least, get yourself a sustainable and limited edition art print to finish off the room. My personal favorite of the moment are the art prints of Tiny Stories. And extra handy: we can now frame the art prints for you, so you can directly hang your new unique piece(s) in your home.


Webbing sliding door cabinet black
Metal side table rectangular black
Twister Fauteuil green
Tiny stories, Limited edition fine art print: CATCHING-THE-SUN
Stoneware side Table terra
Ceramic 70's cookie jar: Venus




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