The art of giving and gifting in Dubai

June 12, 2019

The art of giving and gifting in Dubai

Living in a hub like Dubai means stirring in an interesting melting pot of cultures. What really makes it pleasant here is the festive vibe that covers the city everyday, all day. Yes, this could be the vibrant party-scene, but moreover all these different cultures, religions and countries of origin make for a year round of celebrations. Whether it be Holi, Christmas or Eid, we love to adapt from each others festivities as well. Just peek at the theme of the show on Burj Khalifa or check the firework shows on JBR or Festival City to stay updated on what is going on…

Gifting and sharing
One of the habits of a lot of these festivities has becoming a higher form of art here in Dubai: gifting. The habit of doing so is deeply entrenched in most religions present in the UAE and most of its manifestations here in Dubai will make your heart glow. 

During Ramadan for instance, we saw donation fridges popping up all over the city to distribute free food and drinks to the less fortunate, mostly initiated by communities and neighborhoods. Most companies invested in some form of charity and Omo collected clothes for Red Crescent with their ‘Share a Touch of Love’ campaign again, with collection-boxes shattered all over the city.

Gifting and thanking
After sharing with the less fortunate, there is always the gifting to our loved ones. Be it during Eid, be it during the events that are now quickly following up and that are really part of the expat-life that many of us in Dubai live;
Father’s day; 21st of June
Although scheduled on the 16th in Europe and the UK, UAE goes for the 21st. A day to celebrate the unconditional love of fathers for their children. Usually celebrated by children gifting and pampering their dads for a day, but nowadays also an opportunity for moms to thank their husbands for the shared responsibility and commitment.

Suggestions from our collection, all to decorate his man-cave or enjoy his (tiny) moments of me-time: 

Puik Radient glasses with Rare Carafe, Puik Clork clock, Puik Loop hangers, Wijck Dubai print, Droog Sticky lamp 

From now until 21st of June we offer 15% off on the Father's Day Collection with code ‘FATHERS’. Note: to be sure to receive your products before the 21st of June, we recommend to order before the 18th of June

Thank your teacher gifts
Schools out for summer at the 4th of July the latest this year. A moment to put your kids’ teacher in the limelight and thank him or her for a year of hard work and being an inspiration for your child. 

Suggestions from our collection: mugs for their daily dose of coffee or paper vases to colorfully decorate their classroom or homes (of course perfect to give in combination with a fresh bunch of flowers! More options available).

HK Living 70's cappuccino mugsHK Living 70's cappuccino mugs -new design, HK Living espresso cups, Paper Vase collection

Leaving for summer & Farewell Friend
When the heat start to sizzle, a lot starts to move in Dubai. With the summer closing of schools a lot of kids and their mums leave Dubai to visit relatives abroad and enjoy vacation in a slightly friendlier climate. Summer is also a moment for expats to leave ‘for good’, resulting in ‘Farewell Friend’-tears for most of us.
Whether you go back to your homecountry and want to bring some Dubai-gifts for your loved ones there, or you want to give your leaving friend a tangible memory of his or her time in Dubai; we have stock for that! 
- Paper vases come in very small packages that fit into every suitcase.
- HK Living ceramics are always good looking, have a unique design and come with friendly prices. 
- Wijck Dubai prints to keep reminding your friend of their favorite area's in Dubai
- Palm wall charts or printed ceramics and accessories to let them take the Dubai weather with them 

Some suggestions from our palm print collection: 

HK Living school chart, HK Living Porcelain serving plate, HK Living jungle life cushion 

Gift Card
Don't know what to get? Not sure what would fit well with your friends' interior? Let your loved one choose what they would like the most! Our gift cards will include a unique discount code redeemable in our online shop and are valid for 6 months.
They are printed on A6 postcard format and will be shipped in an envelope with a lovely Urban Nest silver seal. In case required for a last minute gift, send us a message and we can send it to you in PDF format via email. 

... And in case we don't see you soon: enjoy your summer! ...

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