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Out of office: effe Niksen!

Out of office: effe Niksen! - Urban Nest

Ingeborg Bruinewoud |

When you read about it in the papers (and/or online) it is a thing. Apparently something we as Dutchies do and see as normal has become a 'lifestyle trend' by now; niksen. **
Coined as the 'perfect antidote to millennial burnout', but for us (with a few new-borns in the office) the ultimate goal and holy grail of survival: Niksen. Niksen (verb, 'niks' is Dutch for 'nothing') basically is nothing more than doing nothing for a while, taking some me-time away from everything and not needing to do anything at all.
And that is just what we are planning to do: between 8 and 18th of August Urban Nest is taking a well-deserved break after a year of hard work. We hope to meet you (again) after that. We have a lot for you in store, so stay tuned! 

And for now; niks moet, niksen mag! (nothing must be done, niksen is allowed!)

** Read about it in The National here

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