Yay! 2nd Birthday!

September 10, 2019

Yay! 2nd Birthday!

Another year has passed… And boy, a lot has happened! Today we realized how much that really was, how much we grew and how ready we are to take the next step with our company. Urban Nest has proven itself to be a real nest in several ways…

We’ve hatched a lot of new initiatives; we’ve organized workshops about creating a healthy home and Mari Kondo’s decluttering, that both turned out to be huge successes. With that we tightened the bond with Dubai’s creative community of designers and stylists. Resulting in new collaborations and opportunities and of course lovely industry peers!

The team. In this picture 2/3 pregnant

Coming back to that nest thing, last year turned out to be pretty fertile*; first of all we are now talking about ‘we’ because Urban Nest is a team. ‘We’ exists now out of three driven Dutch ladies that commitedly represent Dutch (and partly Latin American) design. With 3 various backgrounds we have the skills and expertise in doing business in the Middle East, interior styling and design, logistics, retail and wholesale, marketing, project management, trend- and market research and strategy. 

We’ve been working together with quite a few big names in the interior design industry last year. And not only to supply, they asked us to actually curate and find the right style for their projects. 

The other big goal for this year; expanding to other ME countries than the UAE worked out pretty fine. Lebanon, Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, we’ve been there!

We found the time to visit some important fairs like Maison et Objet to scout for new brands to add to our portfolio. Wijck, Creative Lab Amsterdam and Catchii are nice Dutch additions. And of course we started with our first Peruvian brand ‘Threads of Peru’ to really represent Janaika’s mixed roots.

We’ve found a bigger warehouse that gives us the possibility to stock more (see our expanded online collection).

We were present with a stand at markets like Ripe Market, Dubai Design week, Market Outside of the Box and will continue to do so. Just because it is so much fun! 

Piling up our skills made us brood on the best next steps to take, in line with all developments last year has brought us. The team came with new talents and that made us realize we are capable of so much more than what we’ve been doing/seem to be doing until now**. We really took a flight with that idea; we’ve been expanding our business to business section. Read more about our services and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need anything of the mentioned above and below. We are ready to help you touch the ground running in our 3rd year! 

Last but not least we would like to share a small gift with you because of our birthday; for the whole month of September we offer free shipping within the UAE on everything in our online shop. 

* Yes, 2 Urban Nest babies were born in 2019!

** for some reason some people still think we are only an inspiring Instagram account. Yes, we have an inspiring Instagram account, but we actually can sell you stuff, import and distribute a collection, manage your projects and style and design your spaces!  

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