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*Limited Edition* coffee mug - sparkle



We make your Christmas sparkle! Due to the occasion, I am all dressed up! I am not for everybody, because my finish is very precious. This makes me a true gem in the 70s ceramic range. Because of my exclusive character they turned me into a limited edition. My party dress is quite delicate, and for this reason, please rinse me by hand and with care. I don't do dishwashers and microwaves. Well, there is only one thing left to say. I will sparkle up your place. 

Please note: that in one gift box contains one mug.

Colour: Grey/gold
Dimensions: 7.5x7.5x8cm
Product weight: 200gr
Material: Stoneware
Characteristic: Reactive glaze with electroplated gold
Food safe: Yes
Product capacity: 180ml

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