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The essentials - wine tools



Discover the essential kit for perfecting your wine experience - a refined toolbox in an elegant book-like box.

Included in this sophisticated set:
Opener – Effortlessly uncork your favorite wines, making every pour an event to savor.
Pourer – Achieve a controlled and drip-free pour, enhancing the presentation and taste of your chosen vintage.
Stopper – Preserve the quality and flavors of your wine with ease, ensuring each glass is as delightful as the first.
Collar – Prevent drips and stains while pouring, maintaining the elegance of your table setting.

Material: 30% cotton fabric 20% grey board 10% black EVA foam steel metal for components 40%
Height: 19,2 cm
Width: 14,8 cm
Depth: 3,5 cm
Weight: 0,4 kg
Colour: Green/Pink

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