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Peruvian cushion - coral | striped

Sumaq Qara


Behold one of Sumaq Qara's colorful masterpieces - the Peruvian cushion in different styles and variants. Handmade by Peruvian women in backstrap looms; they weave together beautiful fabric trims to create these one of a kind cushions. One or two or more of these cushions in different combinations definitely bring character and color to any space.

Made of 100% Merino wool. Merino wool is special because it's super finer and softer than traditional wool. A single fiber is even thinner than human hair, can you imagine that? And it's 100% natural and biodegradable, disappears after 1 year in the ground.

Size: 45 x 45 cm
Variants: Gray tassels, cream tassels, coral tassels, white tassels, pink tassels

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