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Photo art Benz by Tim Buiting



Shot by the talented Tim Buiting. A seemingly abandoned Mercedes Benz 190 in the midst of the flourishing landscape of Tenerife. With an eye for story and imagery, he continues to create compelling snapshots as he goes.

"During my escape to warmer climates, I ended up in Tenerife. As well as escaping the winter season in the Netherlands, I was determined to create a new travel series. Over the course of five days, I explored the entire island and shot numerous rolls of film. On the way to a small and notorious beach, I happened to stop at a beautiful viewpoint high up in the hills. Within moments, a man in a sleek Mercedes-Benz pulled up and parked his car between two huge palm trees - creating a stunning composition right in front of my eyes. The way the scenery changed from pleasant to casually striking and cinematic was the reason it made an impact and why I took the shot." - Tim Buiting Dutch photographer.

Note: This is a pre-order and will be arriving in January 2024.
  • Material: Aluminium, hardboard, plexiglass, paper, aluminum
  • Characteristics: Certificate of authenticity is included
  • Dimensions: 125x148,5x2,8cm

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