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We have all tried to fit a beautiful vase onto our windowsill with a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers: most of us without any luck. This is where the Umber vase comes to the rescue!. Designed with the specific purpose to accessorise your windowsill, the slimness of this wonderfully shaped vase enables you to decorate and spruce up your windowsill with the most intriguing combination of flowers and vases. Psssst – the Umber vase also looks impressive on its own.

  • Materials: Glass
  • Colour: Amber
  • Size: 30x16xh20cm
  • Contents (ml): 5000
  • Net weight (g): 2.500
  • Handmade: Yes
  • Air bubles: Yes
  • Mouth blown: Yes
  • Dishwasher proof: Yes

About the brand: Hübsch is a Danish furniture design brand that truly epitomises the Scandinavian style. Founded in 2010 by Flemming Hussak, Jannie Krüger and Daniel Henriksen, Hübsch has grown to be one of Scandinavia’s most-known brands for good quality, well-priced home interiors. With a finger on the pulse of all that is new and innovative in the world of design, the Hübsch creative team surprise and delight us season after season with their unique collections that are on-trend but always distinctive and elegant. In line with Scandinavian design principles, the brand privileges high-quality, natural materials and textures, think: natural oak wood, brass and copper, bamboo or even, seagrass. Coupled with refined, sometime sculptural shapes, Hübsch's collections of furniture and décor items are always modern, sophisticated and brimming with character. 

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