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Urban Nest presents Dutch Design @Dubai Design Week

Urban Nest presents Dutch Design @Dubai Design Week - Urban Nest

Janaika Elders |

Urban Nest presents Dutch Design @Dubai Design Week

Dubai Design Week, the largest creative festival of the Middle East, is about to return to the regional capital of design (d3) for its 6th edition from 9 to 14 November 2020. A perfect opportunity for Urban Nest to highlight Dutch design!

Before we disclose our activities at Dubai Design Week, we will first take a look at Dutch design, its origin and what makes this design (and us :) so special.

More about Dutch design
Dutch design began its rise in popularity in 1918 and continued to gain momentum through the 1990s. Dutch design refers to anything from interior design to fashion and even architecture. The movement started with a focus on graphic design, but during the 1993 Milan Furniture Fair, Dutch design took off in the interior home design world.

Dutch design can be characterized as minimalist, experimental, innovative, quirky and humorous. It is a permanent reflection of a culture and attitude that is characteristic of the Netherlands and the Dutch people. The Dutch identify with a practical, solution-oriented approach and let playfulness and humour speak in their simplistic designs.

What truly sets Dutch design apart is its focus on the designers. The designers that create this contemporary interior design are integral to the entire development and production process. While other types of design often use mass production or technology-driven practices to create their products, Dutch design focuses on each element of the design and many pieces are actually handmade.

Dutch design is at the heart of Urban Nest
Founded by Dutchie Janaika Hauch-Elders, Urban Nest offers a unique, surprising yet affordable collection of Dutch interior design. We work with established and upcoming designers and design labels that share our passion and values. All our products are original, sustainable or Fairtrade-certified and have an inspiring story to tell. Here is a taster of our Dutch design brands and some of their unique stories.

Urban Nest Janaika EldersUrban Nest logo

Image left: founder of Urban Nest general  Janaika Elders

Tiny Miracles
All Tiny Miracles products are designed by Dutch designer Pepe Heykoop and handmade by the women of the Pardeshi community in one of most impoverished areas of Mumbai, India. Besides supporting local communities, recycling is at the heart of many of Heykoop’s designs - turning waste into wonder. His famous paper vase cover is a good example. The cover can be manually shaped on any empty bottle which transforms it into a modern vase. There are many colourful designs to choose from, even a typical Dutch pattern with Delft blue icons.

Dutch classics
Tiny Miracles paper vase cover
Image: Paper vase covers by Dutch designer Pepe Heykoop
Pepe Heykoop
Image: Dutch designer Pepe Heykoop


Puik Design
Puik Design can be described as Dutch design narrowed down to a collection of essentials made by the best contemporary designers. Each item is original, produced sustainably and made of first-class material. Puik Design’s rare vase is a fantastic example of Dutch playful design. Cut from mouth-blown crystal and crafted into an elegant diamond shape, this unique pitcher can stand tall as a normal vase, but also sit on its side without spilling a drop.


Puik Design Rare vase and Radient glassesPuik design Bokk stool

Image left: Rare vase this unique pitcher can stand tall or sit on its side without spilling a drop

Image right: the Bokk bar stool a reinvention of the traditional buck. Like the gymnastic equipment it was inspired by, Bokk is a balancing act of comfort and stability, with a striking, geometric frame supporting a comfortable seat.

New Citizen Design
New Citizen Design takes the New Citizen as its guiding principle. Their design products are curated on the consciousness of a sustainable society and the wellbeing of its citizens. New Citizen Design’s Oasis vase is a great example of how to change the purpose of a product. If we take a closer look at the shape and material of this vase, we discover that it is actually a big water gallon most of us have at home. A water cooler reused as an object of art; how eco-conscious is that!

Oasis vase

Image: the OASIS vase regular is a multifaceted project that aims to revive the value of water through the objects that represent it.


Image left: Belvedere (high chair/ladder) is a product by New Citizen Design, made to reach uncharted heights and gain a different perspective. 
Image right: Paradosso "Let it go" invites the desk worker to take a distance from production or the busy cosmopolitan to take a few minutes rest

Dubai Design Week 2020
So now that you know more about Dutch design, we will reveal our exciting plans for Dubai Design Week, which will kick off on the 9th! We have teamed up with the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and other Dutch industry partners for ‘Serres Séparées’, an exceptional dining concept. Also, you can come and visit us at The Marketplace; the new, artisan outdoor market that takes place on 13 and 14 November.

Serres Séparées; an intimate socially-distant dining experience
Created by Amsterdam art center Mediamatic, ‘Serres Séparées’ offers an exclusive socially-distant dining experience in private little greenhouses. This COVID-19 inspired concept allows guests, particularly families, to come together in a safe and unique setting, to see, and be seen, while sharing a meal in an intimate space. Guests will be served a conceptual plant based, vegan menu consisting of mostly Dutch produce.

Styled with Dutch design
Urban Nest is thrilled to be decorating and styling these special greenhouses with our beloved selection of Dutch interior design. Our carefully curated and handpicked Dutch design products will help create a fashionable and welcoming space for the guests to dine in.


We look forward to seeing you at Dubai Design Week at Dubai Design District (d3) from 9 to 14 November, either at Serres Séparées or at The Marketplace!






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