Urban Nest projects: Welcome to our home

April 30, 2020

Urban Nest projects: Welcome to our home

Now that we all are staying in, our focus narrows down to what really matters. With us being there all the time, our house has had to become a home, which elevates the process of building a home to an act of self love. Retreating from all (fake) news, uncertainties and online obligations is sometimes the best way to stay put.

Speaking of self love; our owner Janaika felt that she should ‘practice what you preach’ and decided to make-over her complete home not long ago. Where we usually facilitate and provide for other projects and interior designers it was a breath of fresh air to commit some time to our own ‘Urban Nest’. The timing turned out to be perfect; done before mandatory cocooning time and settled for Ramadan. 

Not too bad having to stay at home, especially when it’s been styled in cooperation with the one and only @baytkalthoum! She is well known for her use of color, eclectic touches and out of the box designs; and that’s exactly what this fun Urban Jungle turned out to be!!

Our theme and style was as follows; 

Eclectic culture
With our family having roots allover the planet and us rooted here now in the UAE we wanted this to reflect in our home; Dutch and Peruvian design (from our own collection of course!), Libanese and Arabic murals for welcoming guests as we’ve learned from local hospitality, and a hint of our own family-culture by the use of bright colors (why not go bold and color-paint a ceiling?) and more subtle touches. 

Urban Jungle - Urban Nest
Besides the health benefits, we really love our greens so needed a biophilia approach to create outdoors-in urban jungle. The color scheme with a rich and lush green on walls, built-in closet and ceiling set the tone. The palm mural wallpaper elevated it and the addition of plants, pots and natural materials in most furniture brought it home. 

Sustainable & all-inhabitant-proof
With kids and pets as inhabitants our house needed some good quality and sturdy furniture and accessories. That’s the good thing with Dutch Design and brands like HKLiving and Puik; the quality-box is always checked. Cosiness was added with rugs, textiles and a sofa you never want to leave.
Last but not least we added some furniture that could enhance the flexibility of living; why not turn a dressing table into a desk for a (temporary) living room workspace? This all proved itself handy during our stay-home weeks so far. 

Get inspired by the pictures below. All the furniture, wall papers and accessories used are part of our new 2020 collection (product info and links underneath the pictures). 
Interested in a home make-over like this? Read more about our curate, supply, styling and design services, or contact us. 

Arabic details

brass palm lamp / Dost arm chair / webbing stools / wicker hanging lamp triangle
Arabic wall decal made and printed by E-Walls

Jungle decor dining area

webbing sliding door cabinet (also available in orange and grey / metal wire dining chair (also available in creme/skin, several options for cushions and comfort kits) / velvet dining chair (available in sand, rib creme or preorder black, old pink or cool grey) / natural jute rugwicker lamp black / oval pillar side table (available in black and white) / speckled clay vases / circulair LED lamp / Walk in the Park wallpaper* / Puik Fold dining table**

* comes as panels in stead of a roll. So: no difficulty with finding the pattern and easy to self assemble and paste
**  contact us at contact@urbannest.ae 

Accessories in Green

Peruvian face wall ornaments / ceramic striped vase / polystone foot statue / brass palm lamp

Sofa and lounge 

sofa* / cushions stripe / webbing coffee table (2 sizes and black or natural available) / natural tree table (2 sizes available) / radiant glasses / vintage rug by Iwan Maktabi
*contact us at contact@urbannest.ae


Not for sale :)

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